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Interior room was formed at the beginning of the XVIII century. there was a special furniture, sofas appeared From the middle of the century. Rossi designed the sofas with two seats and one back, to be able to seat guests circles. Until 1830 the furniture was placed near walls or columns; later it was extended an open plan, in which sedentary furniture was put around the table in the middle of the room. At this time there are new varieties of sofas: couch, chaise longue, a sofa with two seats and a narrow center, corner sofa, sofa for two (secrette) and three (discrette). Entered into use light tables were named Bobby. They also had a lot of (card-, samovar, sliding, folding, with wings and a secret drawer). A typical furniture in the living room has become a musical instrument like a piano or harpsichord.

Interior decoration living withstand a certain historical style (classicism, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Renaissance for formal living rooms).

Famous artists are living Brenna, Rossi, A. Stackenschneider, G. Bosse, M. Messmacher.