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The origin of it is obliged to the chest and the secretary. That compared with a chest of drawers was seen as more practical, "user-friendly". Bureau came into use at the beginning of the XVIII century, when the usual chests for storing clothes began to add drawers, high legs, for ease of use and a variety of decorative elements. Just expanded to the use of the chest: they began to store jewelry, cosmetics and other necessary things. Contemporary chests of drawers can be combined with a changing table and children's beds, have a bottle coasters and special niches for storage of small things, just as there were lockers for the kitchen.

In Russia during the Soviet era it has been gradually supplanted by wardrobe, which in addition to the drawers, also has a compartment with hangers for dress, and appeared more comfortable in his universal purpose, as well as more appropriate in view of the emergence of standards of living space restrictions.

In the XXI century dressers we got even more widespread, and the breadth of use. For example, a miniature chest of drawers for children and decorations. They are not used as the main furniture in the house, and in addition to the dressing table. Just chests become additionally equipped with outlets for household electrical appliances, lights, and built-in charges.