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Garden furniture (Garden furniture) - a collective name for the entire set of mobile (including folding) and fixed / of installed furniture products for equipment of garden areas, that is to be used outdoors or in premises open type - in the gazebo, tents, on terraces.

This feature makes garden furniture to its design and materials special requirements, such as increased strength and moisture resistance, resistance to direct sunlight, temperature / humidity extremes and other atmospheric phenomena destructive nature.

A variety of garden furniture is not limited to the traditional tables with benches and hammocks. To it also includes chairs and stools, sofas and chairs, deck chairs, rocking chairs, couches, tents, beach chairs and chairs, children's furniture and swing, functional tables for various operations, storage boxes villa utensils and so on. N.

Like any other garden furniture allows you to sit, lie down, place / store / expose certain items to perform written and other work to prepare the food, and so on. N. Because one of the main qualities that outdoor furniture must have is the comfort / convenience.

To this end, garden furniture often comes with comfortable soft elements, usually removable, given the characteristics of the place and conditions of use. This allows us to serve need of care soft elements separate from the frame, often permanently mounted on the site.

Another, no less important, is the quality of the design or appearance, because the garden furniture is an essential element of the exterior portion of the composition or landscape design. Since the garden furniture should be in harmony with the rest of the exterior, its selection should begin with the selection of style garden decoration.