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Device bathroom should take into account the use of hot and cold water in large quantities. Water, except bathing or showering, can also be used for flushing of solid and liquid human waste into a sewage system or septic tank, if the bathroom is combined with the toilet. Water in use can fall on the walls and floor of the room, and humid hot air can lead to water condensation on cold surfaces. Therefore, construction finishing a bathroom is a complex task. The ceiling, walls and floors should be covered with waterproof material and easy to clean. Because of this, as finishing materials are often used ceramic tile, glass, and plastic panels for their ease of cleaning. Thus, the design of the bathroom can be quite complicated and expensive. Sex is often trim tiles, but its surface is slippery and cold to the touch. To eliminate the inconvenience of data, use water-resistant mats, specially made for bathrooms. In the houses of the more affluent families can be found under floor heating.